Stuart News Urges Action


Stuart News Supports Lawsuit
March 3, 2007
Stuart News Urges Action!!

WORTHY CAUSE: Stuart has become the second municipality to provide funding for the Rivers Coalition’s lawsuit against the Army Corps of Engineers.

On Monday, by unanimous vote, city commissioners approved a request to provide $25,000 to help fund the lawsuit, which claims the federal government has infringed on the rights of waterfront property owners along the St. Lucie River by discharging polluted water from Lake Okeechobee into the waterway.

So far, almost $175,000 has been donated to this cause, which may eventually cost as much as $750,000.

Sewall’s Point was the first municipality to appropriate funds for the lawsuit. In December 2005, town commissioners approved a $50,000 donation.

Every city and county along the St. Lucie River has a vested interest in stopping the voluminous discharges of polluted water from Lake O. Consequently, each one should provide some financial support to the Rivers Coalition.