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River Killers Book

The River Killers {digital book} – PDF 4.3mb

USACE 1955 Report – Central and Southern Florida Project (5 pgs)
Plan Six Hoax (5 pgs)
Powerful Editorial Demands Action
Columnist Laments Court Ruling
Coalition Endorses Restoration Reserve (29 pgs)
Mercury and Methylmercury in the Everglades (26 pgs)
New Sugar Deal Should Help Estuary
The Phosphorus Bomb (3 pgs)
River Killers Reveal Scandalous Background
Mucking Up our St. Lucie River (35 pgs)
Flowway Proposed for Everglades


Feb 11, 2014 Rivers Coalition Speaks to Pierpoint HOA – TC Palm
July 2011 Powerful Editorial Demands Action – The Stuart News
April 11, 2007 Editorial Lawsuit Gaining Broad Support
March 3, 2007 Stuart News Urges Action!
March 2007 Another Kind of Invasion – Florida Sportsman
Nov 17, 2006 Lawsuit to Save River Needs Help from Martin
Nov 13, 2005 White Paper/Green River

Letters to the Editor

March 3, 2009 Sugar Purchase Better than ASR Wells
January 2007 Judah was Right About Lake O
January 2006 World War III?
October 17, 2005 We Have No Choice But to Seek Relief by Court Order

Press Releases

March 27, 2007 Everglades Foundation Supports Lawsuit
May 9, 2007 Boat Raffle Winners!
April 5, 2007 Run for the Rivers
Nov 30, 2006 Flowway Proposed for Everglades
Nov 9, 2006 Marzulla & Marzulla – Property Owners Sue US Army Corps to Save St. Lucie River
Nov 9, 2006 RCDF New Federal Lawsuit Demands Cleanup of St. Lucie River
Nov 3, 2006 RCDF Announces Historic Action

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Everglades Construction Project Stormwater Treatment Areas by Dr. Gary Goforth
Mark Perry, Florida Oceanographic Society head marks 35 years in top job
Editorial: Treasure Coast needs to update lagoon’s economic impact study
Sugar Bailout Is Govt. Policy at Its Worst: Hypocritical and Stupid
Natural wonder
We are in Control of Much of What Threatens the Indian River Lagoon
Sarah Heard mentions the River Kidz in article to the President: “Thanks, President Obama, for supporting Everglades restoration project; please help us complete the job.”
When St. Lucie River suffers, Martin’s economy, quality of life, residents’ health suffer
Indian Riverkeeper – Advocating for the Lagoon
U.S. Justice Dept. Pushes Moreno Court to Deny Florida’s Request to Declare $880-million Plan Enforceable and in Compliance with Court Order
Report Finds Water Pollution in Florida Costs up to $10.5 Billion, Annually Feds seek another delay for Fla. water standards
Captured II: Everglades (photography book)
Sanibel-Captiva Conservation Foundation
Storing more water farther north could lessen damaging Lake Okeechobee discharges
St. Lucie Lock and Dam (S-80)- Daily Morning Report
Speak up for the St. Lucie
Time for talk is past over water releases from Lake Okeechobee
Joe Negron: Congress must strip Army Corps of Engineers authority over Lake Okeechobee, give it to regional, Florida management that would be more accountable
Water being pumped out of Caloosahatchee
Water supply
N as well as P
New Riverkeeper comes out with guns blazing
Everglades rain
Initial section of Lake Okeechobee dike’s reinforcing wall finished
Corps explains reasoning behind Lake O releases to Martin County commissioners
Engineers draining Florida’s Lake Okeechobee as water levels continue to rise
Officials drain full lake into St. Lucie River
Rivers Coalition: Lake Okeechobee water release poison for St. Lucie River
WPTV News Channel Coverage from the Releases
Pollution discharges, FS website
O overflow?
David Guest commentary – Sugar Industry Seeks To Use Everglades As Toilet
Pumps for the L-8 rockpits – Reservoir for Everglades restoration to get pumps to clear out its salty water
Bad bills – Imperiled waterways demand an alert public
Six more years before we see increment N – Everglades Restoration Project Gets Green Light
Palm Beach County becoming bigger player in Everglades restoration. Mecca Farms deal ripple effects could reach Loxahatchee River and beyond
Good column by Randy Schultz: Water district shows weakness on Everglades commitment
Palm Beach County endorses $55 million Mecca Farms deal. Falls short of taxpayers’ more than $100 million investment
Grunwald 2002 article: THE SWAMP: A RIVER UNLEASHED
An Environmental Reversal of Fortune
The Kissimmee’s Revival Could Provide Lessons for Restoring the Everglades
Election years good for the Glades
Ann Paton New Director For Popular Everglades Program
Water district considers tapping rock mining money for Everglades restoration
BackPumping polluted water OK’d for Lake Okeechobee
Everglades permits to SFWMD Linked
Good news:Everglades bill promotes next round of restoration
Waste Injection Wells: the Poison Beneath Us
Good editorial in the Stuart News: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ policy wreaks havoc on Caloosahatchee, St. Lucie rivers
Repair bill over $1 billion to fix crumbling Miami-Dade water, sewage system
US Interior secretary urges continued Everglades commitment
Q&A with: Eric Eikenberg | The Florida Current
Obama administration pledges $80 million more to Everglades restoration
Letters: Costs won’t go down; embrace new Everglades plan |
Eve Samples: Lots of talk about Everglades restoration; little real progress in sight for the St. Lucie River
Eve Samples: Calling all 20- and 30-somethings who care about the St. Lucie River
Water District agrees to extend deadline for U.S. Sugar land deal
Eve Samples: Diversity is the Rivers Coalition’s strength and weakness
Coalition To Sue Over Lake Discharges
Stuart Chamber of Commerce PDF
South Florida Water Management Executive Director to speak at first Rivers Coalition evening meeting
Martin County Sidebar Msg from President PDF
“Letter: My governments have killed my St. Lucie River”
“Eve Samples: St. Lucie River gets dumped on again”
Federal engineers will start slowly lowering levels of Lake Okeechobee in an effort to minimize algae blooms that have tainted rivers during past releases.
“Water managers releasing water from Lake Okeechobee to ease dike concerns”
State formally approves Glades clean-up plan
Rivers Coalition: Lake Okeechobee water release poison for St. Lucie River
Water district chief asks Treasure Coast environmentalists for patience
Young supporters of Rivers Coalition raise awareness to save the St. Lucie River
Martin County Times Rivers Coalition Articles
Statement by the Rivers Coalition Defense Fund